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About Silver Age Heroes

Silver Age Heroes is a DC Universe Online league with the aim to have fun!

The League was created for us adults who still love the DC icons of our youth and want to enjoy the game with more relaxed, casual, like-minded players. As a League, we are more interested in simply enjoying some wonderful escapism with fun friends and encouraging members to become better players that we are about being concerned with min/maxing stats. Our leader current leader is Ron El.

For more information about us, click HERE.


PayPal Donation for TeamSpeak Hosting ($43.20/yr)
EdwardJ72: $20.00
Ron eL: $5.00
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Silver Age Society and Villainy has very few rules to abide, just the ones that adults take for granted. WE NEVER TOLERATE: Racism, Antisemitism, gaybashing, sexism, toons with sexually suggestive names (no matter how clever they are) or members who are just verbally abusive of others. While we say "adults only", please, understand that we really mean anyone of ANY age who acts mature, and realizes that some people want to play with their kids and/or spouse, and so refrain from cursing, etc.
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